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 Portugal's Bruno Correia became FIA official safety car driver in 2009 at the Fia World Touring Car championship, position he's still performing up to this date. He brings to the track a sense of professionalism that is a vital ingredient for this essential function. 


 In 2014, Bruno became permanent Safety Car driver for the new and successful FIA Formula E championship. Bruno is driving the beautiful, powerful and ecological BMWi8 as the official Safety car since the 1st round! 


 The 1st fully electric Formula E race happened on the city circuit of Beijing-China in the same year, marking a point in the history of motorsport. Currently, Formula e is the championship with the most number of constructors involved, while the generation 2 car is more powerful, futuristic with long lasting batteries and top speed, always racing at the streets in major city centers of the world! 


Modern motor racing could not exist without the safety car. This vehiche has become a key element of the safety system in place at every track for every race. Discretely posted in a strategic location, the safety car is ready to intervene any time a situation requires it -- such as adverse weather conditions or race incidents -- at the discretion of the Race Director. In a way, the safety car acts like a referee at a football game.


Bruno is a former racing driver who is able to drive fast and know how to handle difficult situations that may arise on the track. He is also a professional coach and training driver for other racing drivers, presentations and motorsport events.




Facebook: @scbruno